Automotive focus

Asian Portals. Local Profile.

AsiaCar Group is the leading player of online marketplaces in Asian emerging markets providing locals and professionals to buy and sell automotive (cars, trucks and motorbikes) and adjacent services and products. AsiaCar Group operation started in 2018 is part of ECV Group.

By connecting the dots in fragmented and inefficient Asian automotive markets AsiaCar Group is improving its markets by offering trusted online marketplaces and integrated solutions.

We are capturing the dynamics of the accelerating mobile and internet penetration in Asia by building popular high engagement online portals and social media ecosystems with a strong local profile with many different languages such as Bengali, Khmer, Lao, Thai, Burmese, English, French, Chinese…

Automotive focus
Online Traction

Centralised Operation.

AsiaCar Group has proven substantial track record in accessing the unprecedented online opportunity in the 500 million people Asian market by leveraging its unique expertise in digital marketing and technology development. Our focus is Central Asia and South East Asia.

AsiaCar Group is servicing its 20+ platforms effectively and efficiently from centralised tech, and operation and regional teams. This is leading to focused cost optimisation and high capital efficiency.

Our portals are powered by proprietary and underlying technologies including automotive portal platforms, automotive management systems (autobox365) and other centralised technology assets.

Online Traction

Areas of Operation.

AsiaCar Group is managed through four key business areas. The group has built a substantial portfolio of local and highly engaging portals.

Automotive Marketplaces

Setting up and operating online portals and adjacent services.

Automotive Management Systems

Setting up and offering Dealership Management Systems and adjacent services.

Social Media & Automotive News

Supporting automotive portals with articles & social media.

Technology Development

Supporting operation with maintenance, technology and development.


The Team.

AsiaCar Group's operations is run from Head Quarter in Sydney/Australia with teams in different Asian locations. We have a truly flexible, virtual and cost effective organisational setup.

AsiaCar Group is part of the global marketplace operator ECV Group (Emerging Classifieds Ventures) and was developed under the ECV Venture Builder & Incubator.

To be part of the ECV family offers many advantages and synergies with other regional operated ECV automotive groups such as Africar Group in Sub Sahara Africa, in Latin America and Pacific Ads Group in the Pacific.